New Version 19.06

Jun 15, 2019.

Version 19.06 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

Changes and Improvements

Project Files

This version makes a big change to the way project files are saved. Now, they always save numeric values using a period for the decimal point regardless of your OS locale (region/language) setting. This makes it possible to collaborate with others that have a different decimal point setting without going through a (probably incomplete) repair process. This should also help to avoid bugs. This change applies to new projects only; old projects load and run same as before including saving. However, be aware that if your locale does not use a period for the decimal point, then older versions of Shotcut will try to repair a project created with this version because the older versions do not have this new capability.

Timeline and Keyframes Rulers

We changed the Timeline and Keyframes rulers interval to 5 seconds and show only HH:MM:SS and no frame units. This makes them cleaner and quicker to read.

Screenshot of the new rulers

Reorganized Some Video Filters

  • Renamed video filter Circular Frame to Crop: Circle.
  • Renamed video filter Crop to Crop: Source.
  • Renamed video filter Text to Text: Simple.
  • Renamed video filter 3D Text to Text: 3D.
  • Renamed video filter Overlay HTML to Text: HTML.
  • Renamed video filter Blur to Blur: Box.
  • Renamed Reduce Noise video filter to Reduce Noise: Smart Blur.

Other Changes

  • Changed Export > From to show Source instead of base file name.
  • Changed the default for Settings > Display Method back to DirectX on Windows.
  • Changed maximum duration of Color, Text, and Color Bars clips to 4 hours.
  • Increased maximum value of the Timer filter’s Start Delay, Duration, and Offset parameters to 24 hours.
  • Improved Export Job progress and estimated time remaining.

New Features

Blur Filters

In the previous versions of Shotcut the Blur video filter could create dark edges on the image. Therefore, 3 new blur filters were added that do not have this problem:

  • Blur: Exponential (fast)
  • Blur: Low Pass (fast)
  • Blur: Gaussian (slow)

However, they do not support Keyframes or support blurring in only a horizontal or vertical direction. So, the existing blur filter was retained but renamed Blur: Box.

Main Toolbar

The previous version changed the appearance of the toolbar to address a high density (DPI) issue on Linux. However, that made the icons larger for most people. Also, some people would simply hide the main toolbar since it took up so much space. Now, there are two new options in the View menu:

  • Show Text Under Icons (default on)
  • Show Small Icons (default off)

Screenshot of the main toolbar with small icons and no text underneath


  • Added Jobs to the main toolbar. Jobs toolbar icon
  • Reordered panel buttons on main toolbar to match View menu.

Alpha Channel Support for HTML-based Filters

Shotcut can use HTML technologies for video effects, but previously it was limited at support the existing image or video’s alpha channel (transparency mask) and would always overwrite it with its own alpha channel, which often times was opaque. For example, this prevented maintaining transparency when using 3D text on a transparent color clip. Now, it supports the alpha channel. Using this, we have new Crop video filters.

Crop Filters

Previous versions of Shotcut’s Crop filter did not behave as some expected because it removes pixels from the edges of the source and thus changes its aspect ratio. Still, it can be useful when working with sources with a higher resolution than the project because it does not require one to crop and then upscale to remove black bars. Therefore, the existing crop filter was renamed to Crop: Source, and two new crop filters were added using HTML.

  • Crop: Circle
  • Crop: Rectangle

These two new crop filters can use the HTML alpha channel support by changing the alpha component of their Color parameter. This is very useful when using Crop: Rectangle or Crop: Circle while compositing video tracks.

More New Things

  • Added Ripple All button to Timeline toolbar. Ripple all tracks icon
  • Added a vertical Flip video filter.
  • Added Reduce Noise: HQDN3D video filter.
  • Added Noise: Fast video filter.
  • Added Noise: Keyframes video filter.
  • Added Add Keyframe button in Keyframes (only on parameters that show a curve UI). Add keyframe icon
  • Added keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+0-9 to toggle the panels.
  • Added Alt 0/+/- shortcuts to adjust the zoom in Keyframes.
  • Added Swedish translation.


  • Fixed deleting the project file if there was a save error.
  • Fixed reliability of Settings > Display Method > Software on Windows.
  • Fixed Crop: Source filter not working with Color clip.
  • Fixed using filters on Color Bars and other generator clips.
  • Fixed audio filters (Compressor, Expander, Limiter, Notch, Reverb) broken
    on comma for decimal.
  • Fixed alpha video opaque on gaps in Timeline.
  • Fixed Convert to Edit-friendly and Reverse if there is no audio track.
  • Fixed Measure Video Quality broken.
  • Fixed Alpha: Adjust > Invert checkbox on reload.
  • Fixed color eye-dropper (picker) error.
  • Fixed audio Pan filter channel resets on reload.
  • Fixed a crash using Mirror filter before Rotate and Scale or Size and Position.
  • Fixed poor Reverse audio quality for mp4 and mkv options.
  • Fixed the Simple Scroll HTML template may not scroll up or left completely.


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