New Version 20.09.27

Sep 27, 2020.

Version 20.09.27 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This version fixes some major bugs in the previous version 20.09.13 and improves the usability of the new Rich Text video filter.

This is the last version to support 32-bit Windows and macOS 10.10 and 10.11.

Regressions In Version 20.09.13

  • Fixed the file dialogs in various filters not openening on macOS.
  • Fixed setting color alpha (opacity) to 0 in Open Other > Color and Open Other > Text.
  • Fixed a possible crash when using Center bias in the Crop: Source filter.

Text: Rich Video Filter

  • Fixed incorrect font size in export on Windows when the system Settings > Display > Scale and layout is higher than 100% (High DPI).
  • Fixed problems when Export > Video > Parallel processing is on.
  • Added collpase & expand buttons to the editor’s toolbar.
  • Added an Overflow parameter to allow text longer (taller) than the rectangle.
  • Added Paste Text Only to the editor’s menu to faciliate pasting from a word processor or web browser without applying the source formatting.
  • Fixed the Scroll Up and Scroll Down presets when the background is not transparent.
  • Added a Lower Third preset to Text: Rich.


  • Fixed the actual workspace layout may not match the currently selected layout when restarting after a crash.
  • Fixed Filters and Keyframes broken on Source clip after changing Settings > Video Mode.


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