New Version 22.03: Notes & Voiceover

Mar 30, 2022.

Version 22.03.30 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

Notes and Voiceover

Use the new Notes panel to keep notes about your project or hold text to read for a voiceover that you can record directly to the timeline with the new Record Audio button on the timeline toolbar!

Notes toolbar icon = a Notes panel in the View menu and main toolbar

  • keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+3 (shift+command+3 on macOS).

Record Audio icon = a Record Audio button on the Timeline toolbar:

  • It chooses an audio device based on either first found or last used in Audio/Video Device.
  • It uses the current track if it is audio and not empty at the playhead and beyond. Otherwise, it adds an audio track.
  • It does not prompt for a save file name when a project folder has been established.
  • Stop recording by clicking the button again.

More New Stuff

  • Added track reordering by drag-n-drop a track header and the Timeline menu:
    • Move Track Up: Alt+Shift+Up (shift+option+up on macOS)
    • Move Track Down: Alt+shift+Down (shift+option+down on macOS)
  • Added Export > Advanced > Video > Color range.
  • Added Convert to Edit-friendly when opening a HDV video file.
  • Added audio filter Stereo Enhancer.
  • Added tooltips to Timeline clips.
  • Added Markers > menu > Add Markers Around Selected Clips with keyboard shortcut Alt+M (option+M on macOS).
  • Added an option to the Windows installer to register the .mlt filename extension to open with Shotcut.


  • Changed melt command line tool to no longer be locale-sensitive by default.
  • Changed Q in Equalizer: Parametric to Bandwidth in octaves.
  • Changed background capture jobs to use a high process priority.
  • Changed Paste Filters to not paste a clip-only filter onto a track.
  • Changed Paste Filters to not paste a filter that can only be added once.
  • Removed Timeline > Copy Timeline to Source (use Markers instead).
  • Restored the Use Higher Performance Waveforms option in the Timeline menu.
  • Stop showing the Convert to Edit-Friendly dialog when opening a HLG HDR video.
  • Upgraded libraries:
    • FFmpeg 5.0
    • MLT 7.6.0
    • frei0r 1.8.0
    • Rubberband 2.0.2
    • VMAF 2.3.0
    • Qt 5.15.2 for Intel macOS - macOS 10.14 is now the minimum macOS version.
  • Improved A/V synchronization in Properties > Reverse.
  • Improved webcam/video-device capture on macOS.
  • Improved the accuracy of View > Scopes > Audio Peak Meter.
  • Improved speed of Old Film: Projector video filter.
  • Added multi-threading (to improved speed) of some video filters:
    • Blur: Box
    • Blur: Gaussian
    • Color Grading
    • Invert Colors
    • Mask: From File
    • Old Film: Grain
    • Old Film: Scratches
    • Old Film: Technocolor
    • Reflect
    • Sepia
    • Sketch
    • Spot Remover
    • Threshold
    • Vignette
    • Wave
  • Added multi-threading for all implicit video scaling including Settings > Preview Scaling.


  • Fixed Properties > Audio > Sync not showing change after reloading properties (broke in v22.01).
  • Fixed Position and Size in Crop: Rectangle video filter may become read-only (broke in v22.01).
  • Fixed changing Properties > Speed may overwrite and does not honor Ripple mode.
  • Fixed converting full color range 10-bit video to limited MPEG range.
  • Fixed very choppy playback with certain weird or unreduced-fraction framerates.
  • Fixed Video Mode > Automatic when using a webcam/video-device input.
  • Fixed Gradient video filter when a color alpha value is not fully opaque.
  • Fixed marker duration may change when dragging to change its starting time.
  • Fixed Size, Position & Rotate > Zoom may change when changing the player zoom level.
  • Fixed accidentally changing an unmodified clip-only project by opening a new media file.
  • Fixed a transition may show “INVALID” after you undo removing it.
  • Fixed Presets for the Equalizer: 3-Band audio filter not working.
  • Fixed Blur: Box filter creates darker edges.
  • Fixed Reduce Noise: Quantization video filter overwrites alpha chnanel.


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