New Version 22.06: Glaxnimate

Jun 23, 2022.

Version 22.06.23 is now available for DOWNLOAD!


Glaxnimate Logo

Glaxnimate is a 2D vector drawing and animation program that is now integrated and bundled with Shotcut:

  • Added support for reading Lottie and rawr JSON animation formats as a clip.
  • Added Open Other > Animation to make a new drawing or animation.
  • Added a Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) video filter.
  • Preview the Shotcut timeline within Glaxnimate.
  • Known issues:
    • Preview on macOS may stop working due to out-of-resources until reboot.
    • Some Lottie animations make export fail. The one that I have a problem with shows warnings upon opening in Glaxnimate.
    • See also Glaxnimate’s bug tracker
  • Tutorial videos:

More New Stuff

  • Added Timeline > menu > More > Align To Reference Track to synchronize clips based on similar audio. See its documentation.

Screenshot of Timeline after aligning clips

  • Added support for Keyframes to the following audio filters:
    • Low Pass
    • High Pass
    • Reverb
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A to select all clips on the current track. (option+command+A on macOS)
  • Added an options dialog to File > Export > Markers as Chapters to exclude colors or include range markers.
  • Added Edit… to Timeline > Output > Properties.
  • Added support for fractional display scale (125%, 150%, 175%) on Windows.


  • Fixed Text: Rich does not export the same as preview on system with fractional display scale on Windows.
  • Fixed Record Audio and Open Other > Audio/Video Device crashing on macOS due to insufficient entitlements.
  • Fixed Time Remap > Image mode > Blend not working.
  • Fixed a crash combining two Size, Position & Rotate filters with a mask filter on a square video mode.
  • Fixed a possible crash with an odd width video.
  • Fixed dragging a clip leftward beyond other clips with Timeline > Ripple turned on.
  • Fixed changing the color of a color clip resets a custom name.
  • Fixed changing Properties > Speed drops a Crop: Source filter if added.
  • Fixed prompting for a duration and possibly a crash when dragging non-seekable files to Playlist.
  • Fixed filters on a clip are removed when Undo after a change to Properties.
  • Fixed File > Export > Markers as Chapters incorrect text encoding resulting in corrupt unicode characters.
  • Fixed video track blending may be broken after moving a track.
  • Fixed repairing a project with Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy on saves proxy file paths into repaired project file.
  • Fixed Ripple Markers not working with ripple trimming.
  • Fixed trimming a clip on timeline may change the length of a neighboring clip.


  • Converted the build system from qmake to CMake (qmake is removed).


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