New Version 22.09: Action Search & Editable Shortcuts

Sep 23, 2022.

Version 22.09.23 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

Action Search and Editable Shortcuts

This new feature provides a unified action search and shortcut editor. Action search makes it quickly to find and execute a command. It also provides a keyboard shortcut reference and lets you add or change shortcuts - all in one!

  • Replaces the old Keyboard Shortcuts… item in the Help menu and takes its keyboard shortcut ?.
  • / is also a default shortcut, and either shortcut can be changed.
  • Searches both action name and shortcut.
  • Press Return/Enter within the search box to move focus to the list of actions.
  • Press Return/Enter on a selected Action to trigger it and close the dialog.
  • Shift, Ctrl, or Alt + Return/Enter on a selected action to trigger it and NOT close the dialog.
  • Double-click an action to trigger it but NOT close the dialog.
  • The dialog is not modal so you can leave it open and to the side while working.
  • Press Esc when the dialog has focus to close it.
  • Press F2 when an action is selected to edit its first shortcut.
  • Single-click a selected shortcut to enter edit mouse using the mouse. This means you typically need two single clicks: one to select, the second to enter into edit mode.
  • You can Tab out of edit mode to navigate focus to the apply button and press Space to trigger the apply. It is intentional that you cannot assign Tab as a keyboard shortcut to an action.
  • There are some keyboard buttons such as J/K/L that are reserved and cannot be used in a shortcut. You will see an error message when you try to apply it.
  • You can define up to 2 shortcuts per action! You may want to leave the default as well as add your preferred shortcut.
  • A big portion of the UI had to be rewritten to support this. As a result:
    • All panel (hamburger) menus are consistently on the left/first.
    • Panel-specific Options sub-menus were moved to Settings main menu.
    • The keyboard shortcut to switch the player between Source and Project is now P.
    • The default shortcuts to change the current track now require Ctrl+Alt in addition to cursor up and down.
    • Various hidden or under-exposed actions now have a menu item somewhere including a new Player main menu.
    • Many translations will be lost.

Transition Preview and Improved Custom Transitions

  • There is a folder now in the App Data Directory named transitions where you can store these.
  • All files in the transitions folder are listed in transition Properties, the Mask: From File video filter, and the Slideshow Generator dialog.
  • Added a favorite button in transition Properties and Mask: From File that copies your chosen custom file to the transitions folder.
  • Added a quick preview to transition properties.
  • Added a link to our Resources web page where you can download custom transitions in Properties.

Filter Keywords and Icons

We improved the Filters add-filter chooser.

  • Added translatable keywords to facilitate search. For example, “transform” shows Size, Position & Rotate.
  • Added the English filter name in an un-translataed manner to the keywords so people using a translation can more more easily find things based on proliferic English advice.
  • Added animated icons to most filters to demonstrate what they do.

GPS Graphic Video Filter

The new GPS Graphic video filter draws GPS data-driven graphs, paths, and speedometers.

Also, we added the gopro2gpx utility to let you export a GPX file from a GoPro videe using Properties > menu > Export GPX. This saves the .gpx in the same folder as the video file with the same name but different exension. Then, you open this file with the GPS Graphic or GPS Text filters.

More New Stuff

  • Added limited support for reading WebP Animation.
  • Added Fisheye video filter (see its presets).
  • Added snapping to the playhead to Keyframes.
  • Added the ability to drag-scroll/pan using the middle mouse button (press mouse wheel) to Timeline, Keyframes, and the player when zoomed in.
  • Added the alpha Operation, Reverse, and Invert parameters to the Mask: Draw video filter.
  • Added Settings > Reset… to reset all settings including hidden ones.


  • Fixed Move Track Up or Move Track Down breaks the order of blending/compositing.
  • Fixed opening files with a % in their path or name.
  • Fixed sometimes a date does not appear in Playlist.
  • Fixed Old Film: Scratches video filter not working (broke in version 22.04).
  • Fixed Stabilize video filter uses invalid analysis data after pasted.
  • Fixed File > Open MLT XML as Clip… changes the current Video Mode.
  • Fixed audio artifacts introduced after splitting a clip that has been converted or reversed using the better/large/DNxHR option.
  • Fixed Text: Rich filter’s toolbar may not reflect the current text color.


  • Show audio-clips without album art as a checkboard for transparent instead of white.
  • Deprecate and hide the Lens Correction video filter since it is low quality (no interpolation) and now there is Fisheye.
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to v5.1.0
  • Upgraded dav1d AV1 decoder v1.0
  • Upgraded AOM AV1 encoder to v3.4.0
  • Upgraded libvpx VP8/9 encoder to v1.12.0
  • Upgraded VMAF to v2.3.1
  • Upgraded Glaxnimate to v0.5.1


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