New Version 22.12

Dec 21, 2022.

Version 22.12.21 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This is an important bug fix release.

New Bugs

  • Fixed the keyframes button sets size and position parameters to all zeroes in the following filters (broke in v22.11):
    • Blur: Pad
    • Crop: Rectangle
    • Size, Position & Rotate
    • Spot Remover
    • Text: Rich
    • Text: Simple
  • Fixed a crash when changing a parameter in the Pitch audio filter (broke in v22.11).
  • Fixed a crash on File > New or File > Close while also playing (broke in v22.09).
  • Fixed a memory leak in slideshow dialog and transition properties preview (bug in v22.09).

Old Bugs

  • Fixed Time Remap video filter disables a Crop: Source filter.
  • Fixed making a gradient stop transparent (alpha value 0) in various filters:
    • Audio Level Visualization
    • Audio Light Visualization
    • Audio Spectrum Visualization
    • Audio Waveform Visualization
    • GPS Graphic
    • Gradient

Improvements and Changes

  • Added new seek actions to the Player menu:
    • Forward Jump Alt+Page Down (option+page down on macOS)
    • Backward Jump Alt+Page Up (option+page up on macOS)
    • Set Jump Time Ctrl+J (command+J on macOS)
  • Added Cycle Marker Color with default keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M (option+command+M on macOS).
  • Added Advanced > Sample rate to the Properties > Convert dialog.


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