New Version 23.07: Never Say Never

Jul 29, 2023.

Version 23.07.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This release has important bug fixes plus new audio filters to remedy an old problem.

New Bugs

  • Fixed crash on startup on older Windows 10 computers that do not have Direct3D 11 (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed Timeline scrubbing and skimming accelerate too much (broke in v23.06).
  • Fixed Stabilize analysis jobs not working on a speed-adjusted timeline clip (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed the visibility of the cursor in the Text: Rich filter’s editor (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed the up and down cursor keys not working in some numeric fields (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed seeking on the new Speed: Forward Only and Speed: Forward & Reverse filters.
  • Fixed the buttons in the Delete Filter Set confirm dialog are hidden if the name is long.
  • Fixed the color level of RGB and RGBA sources (e.g. images) with GPU Effects.
  • Fixed crash adding a GPU filter to Timeline > Output by not showing GPU filters for that selection.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed shift-drag-drop from Windows Explorer to Playlist deletes the files! This is an old bug, and Shotcut is not deleting the files. But it accepts a move drop action for the purpose of reordering playlist items. However, doing so with a list of filenames makes Windows assume the receiving application did something appropriate with thes file and then… delete them on behalf of the app just to be sure?!? Smooth move. (Another Windows file manager Directory Opus does not exhibit this bad behavior.)
  • Fixed another very old bug on Windows where sound does not follow the default output device, for example plugging headphones, until you restart the app. Please note that if you are using Settings > Audio Channels > 6 (5.1) after the default sound output changes, you will likely experience distortion in the audio playback until you restart the app.
  • Added the --SDL_AUDIODRIVER command line option for Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed appending to Playlist from clipboard with nothing yet opened in the Source player.
  • Fixed the Export > Audio > Quality range for the aac codec.
  • Fixed trying to drag a keyframe vertically may snap changing its horizontal position.
  • Fixed clicking OK in a color dialog on Windows without changing anything resets the alpha to 255.
  • Fixed top-field-first interlaced output.


  • Added Track Auto Fade and Track Seam audio filters. These filters address an old problem where clicks and pops may be heard in export when switching between clips due to discontinuities in the audio stream. A recommended technique was to add a 2 frame Fade Audio Out and Fade Audio in filters on clips. Track Auto Fade automates that. Track Seam works on a similar level but rather attempts to do a smoothing between outgoing and incoming samples around edit points. Both of these new filters may ONLY be added to individual tracks—audio or video.
  • Added Transition type > Cut to the Slideshow Generator.
  • Added Ctrl+Wheel (command on macOS) to numeric fields to increment and decrement by a larger amount.
  • Updated Qt libraries to version 6.4.3.
  • Updated libebur128 to version 1.2.6.
  • Updated rubberband library to version 3.2.1.
  • Updated MLT to version 7.18.0.


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