New Version 23.09

Sep 29, 2023.

Version 23.09.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This release has reliability and performance improvements plus some nice new things such as a batch convert tool and keyframes for color parameters.

New Bugs

  • Fixed crash when changing Properties > Rotation on interlaced video.
  • Fixed crash when changing Properties > Video > Track on video-only file.
  • Fixed memory leak in Load Keyframes from Motion Tracker in several video filters:
    • Crop: Rectangle
    • GPS Text
    • Size, Position & Rotate
    • Spot Remover
    • Text: Rich
    • Text: Simple
    • Timer
  • Fixed Keyframes panel not working properly when moved.
  • Fixed some memory leaks and random crashes due to memory management.
  • Improved the speed of loading projects and editing.
    (Existing projects must be saved after opening to upgrade them to benefit loading speed.)
  • Fixed keyboard behavior of Help > Actions and Shortcuts on macOS.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed Undo after trimming an out point on Timeline with Ripple All Tracks enabled.
  • Fixed H.264 Export > Use hardware encoder with Codec > Rate control > Constant Quality on macOS/ARM.
  • Fixed Export or turning off Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy if the file starts with a data stream such as videos recorded on Google Pixel phones, for example.
  • Fixed reordering when there are many filters in Filters.
  • Fixed Add Selected to Slideshow with Timeline > Ripple All Tracks misbehaves and should be ignored.
  • Fixed some usability quirks with drag-n-drop and Ctrl multiple selection in the Playist > Icons view.
  • Fixed Filters > + > Time is sometimes empty when player tab is Source.
  • Fixed timeline marker may be incorrectly deleted when Timeline > Ripple Markers is on.
  • Fixed unable to save export job View XML with .mlt file name.


  • Added audio Declick filter (appears in Time category due to technical reason).
  • Added Grade %, Grade degrees, Cadence, Temperature, Vertical Speed, 3D Speed to GPS Text video filter.
  • Added Timecode (non-drop frame), Creation date, File base name to Text: Simple video filter.
  • Added Blur alpha option to Blur: Box and Blur: Gaussian video filters.
  • Added View > Resources… to show all unique and sorted files in the Playlist and Timeline.
  • Added dialog to convert multiple files as-needed on import.
  • Added Preferences to the menu on macOS.
  • Added Mode > Reset to Alpha Channel: Adjust video filter.
  • Added keyframes to Band Pass and Notch audio filters.
  • Added simple keyframes to Speed: Forward & Reverse and Speed: Forward Only time filters.
  • Added keyframes for color parameters in several video filters:
    • Crop: Circle
    • Crop: Rectangle
    • GPS Text
    • Text: Rich (Background only)
    • Text: Simple
    • Timer
  • Added File > Backup and Save (Ctrl+Alt+S).
  • Added Settings > Timeline > Scrolling sub-menu with options:
    • Center the Playhead
    • No (new option)
    • Page (v23 default)
    • Smooth (old behavior)
  • Changed Export > Presets > audio > FLAC to (raw) flac format instead of Matroska.
  • Upgraded Glaxnimate to version 0.5.4 with limited support for After Effects projects (no plugins and no video or audio media - drawing and image animations only).
  • New and improved installer for Windows.
  • Improved the speed and memory of Timeline > Append, Insert, and Overwrite.
  • Changed Missing Files > Search to save the directory chosen.
  • Added --glaxnimate command line option to launch Glaxnimate instead (handy for Linux AppImage and Flatpak).
  • Improved the quality of Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder on macOS.
  • Improved the the color dialog on GNOME.


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