New Version 24.02: Go Where You Wanna Go

Feb 29, 2024.

Version 24.02.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

Ambisonic Audio

Ambisonic spatial (spherical) audio is often used with 360° video whether output as spherical or reframed to a rectangle. Adding support for Ambisonic facilitates 360° video workflows with Shotcut.

But also the new Ambisonic Decoder audio filter is part of an affordable, simple way to record (e.g. GoPro MAX, Zoom H3-VR) Ambisonic audio and convert it to 5.1 surround. FYI, YouTube supports 5.1 surround on most TV-oriented devices (smart TVs, streaming boxes, game consoles). And Windows has something called Sonic to listen to surround through headphones. The new filter can also be used to listen to Ambisonic through headphones (binaural), to rotate the sound when you rotate spherical video, and to pan stereo or surround audio output for reframed 360° video. For example:

  • Added Settings > Audio Channels > 4 (quad/Ambisonics).
  • Added Ambisonic Decoder audio filter that converts to binaural, stereo, quad, Ambisonic, or 5.1 surround. When Ambisonic mode is chosen, it is an Ambisonic panner.
  • Added Ambisonic metadata to Set Equirectangular if there is a track with 4 audio channels.
  • Added Copy Parameters to 360 video filters to use with Ambisonic Decoder > Paste Parameters.
  • Shotcut only supports first order Ambisonics at this time.

More New Stuff

  • Added support for AMD AV1 hardware encoder on Windows (av1_amf) and Linux (av1_vaapi).
  • Added automatic vertical scrolling to Timeline when moving a track.
  • Added changing Properties > Duration on image clips on the Timeline (behavior depends on Ripple similar to changing Properties > Speed on an audio/video clip).

Fixes and Changes

  • Upgraded macOS and Windows to Qt version 6.5.3, which changes the mininum macOS version to 11.
  • Stop automatically grouping audio/video clips when Detach Audio (changed in v24.01).
  • Improved selection in Timeline after various operations.
  • Improved behavior changing Properties > Speed with Timeline > Ripple on.
  • Improved the speed of opening a timeline project.
  • Fixed Filters > + > Sets adds audio filters in reverse order (broke in v24.01).
  • Fixed Properties > Convert HLG HDR to to Rec. 709 SDR is not tone-mapping (broke in v23.09).
  • Fixed distortion caused by Mixdown audio filter.
  • Fixed Normalize: One Pass audio filter maximizing levels at start of playback.
  • Fixed old custom presets in text and timer video filters load with 0% opacity.
  • Fixed Loop Selection on the last clip of Timeline not looping.
  • Fixed Enter Full Screen and Preferences shortcuts on macOS.
  • Fixed problematic filename characters in Settings > Video Mode > Custom Add.
  • Fixed disabling the last audio or video filter when there is a time filter in Filters.
  • Fixed File > Exit is slow or hangs if a job in Jobs is paused.
  • Fixed Wave video filter distorts if Settings > Preview Scaling is on.
  • Fixed incorrect gamma in preview player and File > Export > Frame when GPU Effects is on.


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