Version 16.11 - Now a Portable App

Nov 2, 2016.

Version 16.11 was released today and is available for DOWNLOAD.

By popular demand, this version includes a new so-called portable app feature. A portable app is one that can be run without having to install and register components into the system. Rather, it is a self-contained folder for the executable and its bundled dependencies. Shotcut has always been portable in this sense regardless of the operating system. Portable apps can be put on a USB stick/drive and run from there. Then, you can use the app from computer-to-computer simply by plugging the USB stick. However, to be truly portable, the app should also use the USB stick to store settings and other app data.

Like most apps, Shotcut has an app data directory wherein it stores its thumbnails/waveforms database, presets, and log file. Normally, it stores settings in a platform-defined manner such as the registry on Windows or a plist file in ~/Library on macOS. Now, you can set the app directory using the command line option --appdata <directory> or the Settings > App Data Directory menu. When you do, then settings are instead saved in an INI file in the designated folder. If you use the menu, Shotcut will try to migrate everything from the current location to the new location only if there is not existing Shotcut data in the new location. Otherwise, it simply lets you start using the new directory adopting the settings and data. If you use the command line option, the new menu item is hidden making it possible to integrate the app into an app launcher/updater more seamlessly.

Here are some other changes in this version:

  • Fixed drag-n-drop to Timeline after moving clip to different track.
  • Fixed LUT (3D) filter for languages/regions that use comma for decimal point.
  • Fixed Properties > Speed on macOS for languages/regions that use comma for decimal point.
  • Added Gaelic (Scottish) translation.


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