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The Linux SDK has been discontinued for now since QtWebKit is removed making it much easier to use Qt from your Linux distribution or the Qt installer/MaintenanceTool. You need the latest release version of MLT, but for some new features or to be more like a release build of Shotcut you need the git master branch version of MLT. There are some optional dependencies of MLT simply to build and for basic usage. If you want to run versions that are most consistent with release or nightly builds of Shotcut, you can use the build script (same as what GitHub Actions build agent runs) at scripts/


  1. Download and install the following:
  2. Start Qt Creator and choose Tools > Options > Build & Run
    Configure all of your settings in the Build & Run section.
    • Manually set the Qt version. Version Settings
    • Configure the project kit from the previously set Qt version. Kit Settings
  3. Extract the Shotcut SDK .bz2 file to a new folder in $HOME called “Projects”.
  4. In Qt Creator open from $HOME/Projects/Shotcut/
  5. In the Shotcut project configuration screen find Build Settings.
    • Under Build steps > qmake > Additional arguments add
      MLT_PATH=../../.. PREFIX=../../..
    • Under Build Steps > Make > Make arguments add “-j” for faster parallel compilation.
  6. In the Shotcut project configuration screen find Run Settings.
    • Under Deployment click Add Deploy Step > Make, and in Make arguments add “install”.
    • Under Run > Run configuration click Add > Custom Executable > Executable add $HOME/Projects/Shotcut/
    • Under Run Environment > Details add the following environment variables:
      • Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ${HOME}/Projects/Shotcut/${QTDIR}/lib:${HOME}/Projects/Shotcut/
      • Set MLT_DATA to ${HOME}/Projects/Shotcut/
      • Set MLT_PRESETS_PATH to ${HOME}/Projects/Shotcut/
      • Set MLT_PROFILES_PATH to ${HOME}/Projects/Shotcut/
      • Set MLT_REPOSITORY to ${HOME}/Projects/Shotcut/
      • Set QML2_IMPORT_PATH to ${QTDIR}/qml
      • Set QT_PLUGIN_PATH to ${QTDIR}/plugins
  7. Go back to Edit mode, right-click “shotcut” in the project tree, and choose Rebuild.

  8. After clicking Run, you can confirm the newly built executable is the one that is running from the About dialog: the version will be today’s date.


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