New Version 24.04: Time After Time

Apr 28, 2024.

Version 24.04.28 is now available for DOWNLOAD!


  • Added Ambisonic Encoder audio filter.
  • Added View > Scopes > Audio Vector.
  • Added View > Scopes > Audio Surround.
  • Added Settings > Time Format to affect everywhere that timecode is displayed or editable.
  • Added a indication to the on-video control for the Ambisonic Decoder audio filter.
  • Added Edit > Undo and Redo support for adding, removing, and changing Keyframes (work in progress) for the following filters:
    • Fade In Audio
    • Fade Out Audio
    • Gain / Volume
    • Brightness
    • Color Grading
    • Contrast
    • Fade In Video
    • Fade Out Video
    • Text: Rich
    • Size, Position & Rotate
    • White Balance
  • Added Apply Copied Filters to Timeline > menu > Edit and context menu that works with multiple selected clips.
  • Upgraded MLT to version 7.24.0.


  • Fixed crash if the Keyframes panel is in a tab group along with Filters.
  • Fixed Elastic Scale video filter can distort with preview scaling.
  • Fixed dropping incompatible video file may not prompt conversion.
  • Fixed color in Properties > Convert > Best if input video is BT.709 without signaling.
  • Some fixes for Settings > Audio Channels > 4 (quad).
  • Fixed changes in Filters cannot after moving the clip on the Timeline.
  • Fixed Zoom Timeline to Fit sometimes incorrect.
  • Fixed batch analysis for Stabilize video filter on export with project folder.


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