New Version 21.09.20

Sep 16, 2021

Version 21.09.20 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This main purpose of this version is to fix a major new bug in previous version 21.08. This is the new recommended stable version.

  • Fixed dragging to Timeline broken if there is MLT XML on the clipboard (broke v21.08.29).
  • Fixed seeking backwards after seeking to the end (broke in v21.08.29).
  • Fixed File > Save (Ctrl-S) immediately after File > Close (Ctrl-W) can corrupt a saved project.
  • Fixed Add Custom Video Mode > Frames/sec was not accepting some legitimate values.
  • Fixed encoding HEVC without hardware encoder (x265) would always output 10-bit instead of 8 (broke in v20.11.28).
  • Changed Copy the filters to only copy enabled filters.
  • Changed fading on the Timeline to automatically fade the opacity when it is not the bottom video track.
  • Expire old QML cache items at startup to reduce app data footprint.
  • Improved performance of 360: video filters.
  • Added direct support for GoPro .LRV files as proxy videos.
    These must be in the same folder as the corresponding MP4 file and proxy mode enabled.
  • Added 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic video filter.
    This can be used to create so-called Tiny Planet videos.

New Version 21.08.29

Aug 29, 2021

Version 21.08.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!


  • Added support for WebP export with presets for still sequence and animation.
  • Added Properties > Measure Video Quality… using VMAF.
  • Added a new video filter GPS Text (contributed by Daniel F).
  • Added a new video filter Reflect.
  • Added a new Deband video filter (contributed by Austin B).
  • Added a warning dialog before File > Export Frame… from a proxy file.
  • Added support for keyframes to Mask: Simple Shape > Rotation.
  • Added support for the operating system clipboard when copying and pasting filters.
  • Added support for the operating system clipboard when cut, copy, paste, overwrite or append a clip.
  • Added a dialog when Timeline > Track Operations > Insert Track on the top audio track to choose audio or video.
  • Added handles to the sides of the rectangle on-screen control (VUI) (contributed by TRA).


  • Changed the storage for thumbnails and waveforms to use files instead of database.
  • Changed Time Remap to limit input values to the maximum duration of the clip.
  • Changed to set the file date on proxy files to match original file.
  • Improved reliability of Time Remap status/feedback info.
  • Improved the speed setting in the Time Remap filter with an option to either modify or lock the input time.
  • Improved player grid display and snapping when zoomed.
  • Improved image sequence if there is a numeric filename discontinuity or rollover to > 0.


  • Fixed possible crash when using Audio Waveform Visualization filter.
  • Fixed Mask: From File > Custom… might lose track of its file.
  • Fixed Text: Simple > File date broken in v21.05.
  • Fixed Timer filter’s new Speed parameter not scaling Duration.
  • Fixed a possible crash reading a YUV 4:2:2 uncompressed video.
  • Fixed some clips’ duration in project XML saved in frame units instead of seconds.
  • Fixed Timer start and end buttons when filter in point is set.
  • Fixed quality/rate control with libx264rgb in Export > Codec.
  • Fixed undo simple keyframes in Size, Position & Rotate turned on advanced keyframes.
  • Fixed undo followed by redo when trimming clips on Timeline may not be correct.
  • Fixed a crash moving multiple clips to the beginning with Ripple All Tracks on.
  • Fixed changing Time Remap > Enable pitch compensation in disables Zoom keyframe Values.
  • Fixed file paths with special characters not working in filters such as Mask: From File.
  • Fixed exported HEVC MP4 and MOV files are not playable with macOS QuickTime Player or iOS.
  • Fixed Properties > Reset for an image.
  • Fixed a possible crash when a transition is removed during trimming on the Timeline.
  • Fixed keyframes may be dragged past another.
  • Fixed Time Remap filter may cause image artifact when using Export > Parallel processing.
  • Fixed Properties > Extract Sub-clip… on GoPro videos or other videos with non-muxable data track.
  • Fixed Stabilize video gives incorrect results after splitting or trimming clip.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging multiple clips with variable frame rate to timeline.
  • Fixed the timeline playhead could go beyond the end of the timeline.
  • Fixed opening a project starts paused on the second frame instead of the first.


Please be aware there will be a one-time conversion of cached thumbnails and waveform data when you first run this version. The old database will be kept so if you downgrade or run an older version you still have that older cache to rely on. You can remove either db.sqlite3 (old) or thumbnails (new) in the app data directory to cleanup the old cache or to re-run the conversion to the new file-based cache.

New Version 21.06.29

Jun 29, 2021

Version 21.06.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This is the second bug fix release to address the major problems found in version 21.05.01 after release.


Projects created with this version can NOT be directly loaded by a previous version. Only versions 21.02 and 21.03 can repair projects created in this version by removing all Time Remap filters.

Minor Additions or Changes

  • Added Speed parameter to the Timer video filter.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to switch between the stock layouts: Alt+1 through 6.
  • Added Import button to Playlist. (Thanks, @hbtalha!)
  • Added an Apply button next to Properties > Speed to improve workflow when using mouse wheel.

New Bugs (in version 21.05)

  • Fixed playback may hang when playing different Playlist items.
  • Fixed alpha presets in Export.
  • Fixed a possible crash when changing Settings > Preview Scaling.
  • Fixed a possible crash when using Crop: Source and Size, Position & Rotate filters on the same clip.
  • Fixed Size, Position & Rotate filters not reloading.
  • Fixed reloading Keyframes for a filter on Output.
  • Fixed changing Properties > Color Range for a clip in the Source player.
  • Fixed playhead moves to the beginning of the Timeline when dragging an image from Source.
  • Fixed a proxy may used instead of the original when dropping from file manager to Timeline.
  • Fixed Fade In/Out on Timeline may add filters in wrong order.
  • Fixed a crash trying to make thumbnail for an invalid playlist item when loading a project.
  • Fixed Playlist > Play After Open not working.
  • Fixed missing proxies not generated for an opened project when Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy turned on.
  • Fixed File > Export EDL creates empty file.

Recent Bugs

  • Fixed Center bias in Crop: Source filter.
  • Fixed a crash using Mask: From File and Size, Position & Rotate filters on the same color clip.
  • Fixed a possible crash when changing Settings > Theme.
  • Fixed Mask: Simple Shape moves when deleting all keyframes: no longer allowed to delete the last keyframe; use the keyframe toggle button in the parameters area of Filters.
  • Fixed maintaining the image center when reset Size, Position & Rotate > Zoom.
  • Improved using the mouse wheel to zoom in Size, Position & Rotate filter.
  • Improved the range of the new Zoom keyframe values when keyframes are changed or removed.
  • Fixed custom Export preset may load with incorrect frame rate.
  • Fixed a crash when a Stabilize analysis (.stab) file fails to open.
  • Fixed a crash when Stabilize > Accuracy is 9 or higher.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed the Export > H.264 High Profile preset was producing main profile on NVIDIA.
  • Fixed a crash when using Paste after a File > Close or File > New.
  • Fixed a Project name with a slash is accepted but fails.
  • Fixed Playlist > Replace may replaced with timeline and appear as <tractor> and cause a crash if the Project player it active.
  • Fixed inconsistent handling of keyframes when splitting a trimming a clip.
  • Fixed high CPU usage and a long wait after multiple Stabilize analysis jobs.
  • Fixed remembering the last-opened folder when choosing Properties > Video > Custom… for a transition with video filter Mask: From File > File > Custom….

New Version 21.05.18

May 19, 2021

Version 21.05.18 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This is a bug fix release to address the major problems found in version 21.05.01 after release.


Projects created with this version can NOT be directly loaded by a previous version. Only versions 21.02 and 21.03 can repair projects created in this version by removing all Time Remap filters.

New Bugs (in version 21.05.01)

  • Fixed a “requires newer version” dialog appears when opening a corrupt project.
  • Fixed some systems unable to load video clips by downgrading FFmpeg to version 4.2.
  • Fixed crash with File > Open MLT XML as Clip.
  • Fixed “INVALID” appears in export after Copy Timeline to Source or with old project that includes MLT XML as Clip.
  • Fixed many extra keyframes are created as video plays for any filter with on-video controls: Text: Simple, Text: Rich, Timer, Audio Visualization, Size Position & Rotate, Crop: Rectangle or Cirle, Spot Remover, etc.
  • Fixed Settings > Use JACK Audio.
  • Changed export jobs to use melt-7 on Linux.
  • Added changing a Keyframes parameter’s vertical zoom range when its value is changed.
  • Fixed Time Remap > Image mode reverts to Nearest when reloading the filter.

Recent Bugs

  • Fixed being unable to enter numeric values larger than 999 in some filters.
  • Fixed Crop: Source > Center bias not working with media lower resolution than the video mode.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed presets with many keyframes not loading all keyframes.
  • Fixed Properties > Image sequence does not turn off an image’s proxy resulting in a broken sequence.
  • Fixed the initial state of View > Full Screen on Windows.
  • Fixed adding a custom Export preset does not reload correctly.
  • Fixed the About Shotcut window title missing shows “%1” instead of “Shotcut”.

Minor Additions or Changes

  • Added shortcut Ctrl+T to focus the timecode field below the player.
  • Added Romanian to Settings > Language.
  • Added a restart dialog to Settings > Theme.

New Version 21.05.01: Time Remap

May 2, 2021

Version 21.05.01 is now available for DOWNLOAD!


Projects created with this version can NOT be directly loaded by a previous version. Only versions 21.02 and 21.03 can repair projects created in this version by removing all Time Remap filters.

Time Remap and Speed Ramping!

Usage requires knowledge of how to use Keyframes. Basic, quick-start usage is Filters > Time > Time Remap > Keyframes. Go to this forum post for more usage information.

  • If you try to use it on a video clip with B-frames (a video encoding technology) Shotcut will show the Convert to Edit-friendly… dialog.
  • This filter cannot be disabled.
  • This filter does not support simple keyframes or filter trimming.
  • This filter can not be applied to tracks or the timeline output.
  • Disabled Smooth keyframes for Time Remap to prevent unexpected direction changes.

Apple Silicon (M1) a.k.a. ARM64

We now have a native (not using Rosetta 2) build working on Apple M1 devices! This is not yet a universal app, maybe later in the year for that. This build does not support JACK Audio. Get shotcut-macos-ARM64-210501.dmg.


  • Added a new filter Time Remap in the new Time category that affects both audio and video.
  • Added an Apple Silicon build.
  • Added an option to Ignore missing files in Export > Export File (blocking dialog added in v21.01).
  • Added a suggested file name to File > Export Frame… and remembers the last chosen format. These changes make this feature more convenient.
  • Added a button in the Keyframes parameter track header to vertically zoom in to the minimum and maximumn values.
  • Added a Use Sub-clip checkbox to the Convert to Edit-friendly dialog, under Advanced. This will convert only the trimmed portion of a clip plus up to 15 seconds before the in point and after the out point for a timeline clip. When this is on, only the selected clip is replaced and not every clip based on the same source. This option is especially convenient for use with Time Remap in which case it defaults to on if the clip has been trimmed.
  • Added a Keep Advanced open checkbox to the Convert to Edit-friendly dialog that remembers your choice between sessions.
  • Added a status message tip about useful keyboard modifiers to use when dragging keyframes.
  • Added the display of minimum, maximum, and midpoint values to the vertical axis of curved parameters in Keyframes.


  • Improved the sound quality for Properties > Pitch Compensation when Speed is between 0.5 and 2.0.
  • Changed Keyframes when trimming a clip or filter to move, delete, or disable full keyframes.
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to version 4.3.2
  • Upgraded Rubberband (pitch) to version 1.9.1
  • Upgraded MLT (engine) to pre-release version 7.0.0
  • Improved the color accuracy of the video preview.
  • Converted all numeric text fields in filters to spinners.
  • Reduced memory in audio resampler per clip.


  • Fixed black frames in slideshow (broken in v21.02).
  • Fixed Export Frame dialog reappears (broken in v21.02).
  • Fixed Opacity filter may misbehave when using all smooth keyframes.
  • Fixed Export > Format = flac does not write a file with a duration.
  • Fixed using the mouse wheel over zoom sliders in Timeline and Keyframes.
  • Fixed an incorrect path to a file in proxy mode when the path starts with the name of a sibling folder.
  • Fixed converting non-animated Text: HTML to Text: Rich.
  • Fixed filter values do not update when moving keyframes.
  • Fixed waveform after adding a transition by drag a clip to the left.
  • Fixed showing <tractor> or blank as a missing file.
  • Fixed a possible crash on setting Properties > Speed higher than 23x.
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop in Pitch audio filter or Properties > Pitch Compensation.
  • Fixed disabling Keyframes toolbar buttons for trim and simple keyframes if they are not supported.
  • Fixed a custom export preset may not include attributes of the video mode
  • Fixed video glitches using multiple Text: Rich filters with Export > Video > Parallel processing.
  • Fixed Undo after using the ripple trim in shortcut (broken in v21.03).
  • Fixed applying a custom preset for the Contrast video filter.
  • Fixed the Timeline ruler may be incorrect after starting a new project in the same session.
  • Fixed some filters may get lost after Undo a Split operation.
  • Added a context menu to Text: Simple and all numeric spinners (broken in v21.02).
  • Fixed changing Properties on a timeline clip moved to another track overwrites Playlist items.
  • Fixed Properties > Repeat for an image sequence.
  • Fixed a crash changing the Size, Position & Rotate after applying a shake preset.
  • Fixed a possible deadlock changing Properties > Speed when Video Mode is NOT Automatic.
  • Fixed disabling keyboard shortcuts for disabled filter trimming and simple keyframe actions.
  • Do not let a keyframe be placed beyond the end of a clip.
  • Fixed PNG and GIF as album art in music or poster image (previously only JPEG).
  • Fixed Detach Audio might go to a hidden video track.
  • Fixed updating the clip name in Playlist and Timeline with its speed when changing Properties > Speed.
  • Fixed a rounding error in aspect ratio of a custom video mode that could cause problems on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed showing a non-functional keyboard shortcut X in the context menu for a blank region of the Timeline.


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