New Version 23.11: Easing for Keyframes

Nov 29, 2023

Version 23.11.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This highlight of this version is the addition of easing for keyframes: ease in, ease out, and ease in/out with different levels of acceleration and tricks like elastic and bounce. See the Easing Functions Cheat Sheet web page for an animated graphical overview of these behavior options.


  • Added Crop:Rectangle > Apply to Source button. This button is only enabled when the aspect ratio of the source media matches your project’s Video Mode because it is impossible to include the black padding that Shotcut adds to a source. This feature is the primary way to simply “crop a video.” You do not need to use the timeline for this. You can simply:
    1. set Settings > Video Mode to Automatic,
    2. open a video file,
    3. add the Crop: Rectangle video filter,
    4. adjust the rectangle control in the player,
    5. click Apply to Source in the Filters panel,
    6. choose Yes in the dialog asking to change the Video Mode, and
    7. Export.
  • Added Opacity to GPS Text, Text: Simple, and Timer filters.
  • Improved performance of Timeline > Zoom.
  • Added rectangular selection to Timeline.
  • Added Settings > Timeline > Rectangle Select.
    This is on by default, and scrubbing with the mouse on the timeline requires clicking near the play head. When this is on, hold Shift to turn it off temporarily. When this is off, hold Shift to temporarily turn it on.
  • Changed the Smooth keyframe type to avoid overshoots and cusps.
    This only applies to new projects made with this and future versions. Thus, the behavior of smooth keyframes made with an earlier version remains the same for compatibility reasons.
  • Added Ease In, Ease Out, and Ease In/Out to Keyframes.
    This also changes the appearance of keyframes in the timeline view of Keyframes to make it more clear where the behavior applies - between keyframes. Remember this: when thinking about “in” or “out”, for Shotcut “in” refers to the beginning of something - a clip, filter, or parameter between keyframes. And “out” refers to the end of something. So, this is not easing into a keyframe and easing out of a keyframe. Rather, it is easing into or out of the change/segment/span/tween of a parameter between keyframes.
  • Added Properties > View Bitrate….
    If you have ever used the classic Bitrate Viewer for Windows and frustrated with the lack of updates or not available on your current OS, here you go.
  • Added a Track Auto Fade Video filter. This can only be added to tracks and makes a dip to black or other color or fade in and out opacity for overlays to each clip.
  • Changed Export > Codec and Audio to disable some options when a lossless-only or an intra-only codec is selected.
  • Added Settings > Timeline > Automatically Add Tracks.
    The defaults for this is off because adding tracks increases memory usage. Also, it does not automatically add a track if nothing is in the Timeline as the timeline is optional in Shotcut. Also, it does not automatically add a track when you open a project with no empty tracks. It only adds tracks when you add something to the timeline or move a clip between tracks.
  • Added a button in Filters to save a filter set and change the Copy checked filters button to not show a dialog.
  • Added Filters > Set > Glow Intensity.
    This demonstrates how you can mix a filtered output with the input to reduce it. Also, change the Mask: From File > Treshold to do a side-by-side comparison with and without the filter.
  • Added Split at Playhead back into the timeline clip context menu.
  • Changed the Save option in the low memory dialog to perform a backup and save to prevent breaking projects.
  • Added support for av1_nvenc NVIDIA AV1 hardware encoder on Windows and Linux.
  • Upgraded MLT to version 7.22.0.

New Bugs

  • Fixed honoring the “Do not show this anymore” checkbox in the Convert to Edit-friendly dialog (configuration key showConvertClipDialog) (broke in v23.09).
  • Fixed the new batch convert dialog (View > Resources) appeared instead of the old Convert to Edit-friendly one when dragging a single concerning clip to Playlist or Timeline (broke in v23.09).
  • Fixed Motion Tracker filters are forgotten upon switching to Source player (broke in v23.09).
  • Fixed Mask: Simple Shape > Softness not working on macOS (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed saving a favorite for Filters > + > Sets.
  • Fixed Timeline appears all white on Qt 6.6.
  • Fixed libvpx security vulnerability CVE-2023-5217.
  • Fixed libwebp security vulnerability CVE-2023-4863.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed Text: Simple > #createdate# keyword deletes preceding text.
  • Fixed a crash when opening View > Scopes > Audio Loudness.
  • Fixed marker at start of the next clip was deleted when using Timeline > Edit > Ripple Trim Clip Out.
  • Fixed Properties > Transition changes were lost when Undo after trimming a clip’s out point on the Timeline.
  • Fixed a crash when Undo after trimming a transition that resulted in a new transition. With this fix Shotcut no longer permits creating a new transition within the same mouse drag that removes a transition.
  • Fixed AMD (AMF) quality options in a saved Export preset shows up in the Other tab overriding Codec > Quality.
  • Fixed YouTube export preset is not H.264 high profile with some hardware encoders.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using YADIF deinterlacers.
  • Fixed color of export from still images when using full range and pix_fmt=yuv444p.

New Version 23.09

Sep 29, 2023

Version 23.09.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This release has reliability and performance improvements plus some nice new things such as a batch convert tool and keyframes for color parameters.

New Bugs

  • Fixed crash when changing Properties > Rotation on interlaced video.
  • Fixed crash when changing Properties > Video > Track on video-only file.
  • Fixed memory leak in Load Keyframes from Motion Tracker in several video filters:
    • Crop: Rectangle
    • GPS Text
    • Size, Position & Rotate
    • Spot Remover
    • Text: Rich
    • Text: Simple
    • Timer
  • Fixed Keyframes panel not working properly when moved.
  • Fixed some memory leaks and random crashes due to memory management.
  • Improved the speed of loading projects and editing.
    (Existing projects must be saved after opening to upgrade them to benefit loading speed.)
  • Fixed keyboard behavior of Help > Actions and Shortcuts on macOS.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed Undo after trimming an out point on Timeline with Ripple All Tracks enabled.
  • Fixed H.264 Export > Use hardware encoder with Codec > Rate control > Constant Quality on macOS/ARM.
  • Fixed Export or turning off Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy if the file starts with a data stream such as videos recorded on Google Pixel phones, for example.
  • Fixed reordering when there are many filters in Filters.
  • Fixed Add Selected to Slideshow with Timeline > Ripple All Tracks misbehaves and should be ignored.
  • Fixed some usability quirks with drag-n-drop and Ctrl multiple selection in the Playist > Icons view.
  • Fixed Filters > + > Time is sometimes empty when player tab is Source.
  • Fixed timeline marker may be incorrectly deleted when Timeline > Ripple Markers is on.
  • Fixed unable to save export job View XML with .mlt file name.


  • Added audio Declick filter (appears in Time category due to technical reason).
  • Added Grade %, Grade degrees, Cadence, Temperature, Vertical Speed, 3D Speed to GPS Text video filter.
  • Added Timecode (non-drop frame), Creation date, File base name to Text: Simple video filter.
  • Added Blur alpha option to Blur: Box and Blur: Gaussian video filters.
  • Added View > Resources… to show all unique and sorted files in the Playlist and Timeline.
  • Added dialog to convert multiple files as-needed on import.
  • Added Preferences to the menu on macOS.
  • Added Mode > Reset to Alpha Channel: Adjust video filter.
  • Added keyframes to Band Pass and Notch audio filters.
  • Added simple keyframes to Speed: Forward & Reverse and Speed: Forward Only time filters.
  • Added keyframes for color parameters in several video filters:
    • Crop: Circle
    • Crop: Rectangle
    • GPS Text
    • Text: Rich (Background only)
    • Text: Simple
    • Timer
  • Added File > Backup and Save (Ctrl+Alt+S).
  • Added Settings > Timeline > Scrolling sub-menu with options:
    • Center the Playhead
    • No (new option)
    • Page (v23 default)
    • Smooth (old behavior)
  • Changed Export > Presets > audio > FLAC to (raw) flac format instead of Matroska.
  • Upgraded Glaxnimate to version 0.5.4 with limited support for After Effects projects (no plugins and no video or audio media - drawing and image animations only).
  • New and improved installer for Windows.
  • Improved the speed and memory of Timeline > Append, Insert, and Overwrite.
  • Changed Missing Files > Search to save the directory chosen.
  • Added --glaxnimate command line option to launch Glaxnimate instead (handy for Linux AppImage and Flatpak).
  • Improved the quality of Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder on macOS.
  • Improved the the color dialog on GNOME.

New Version 23.07: Never Say Never

Jul 29, 2023

Version 23.07.29 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This release has important bug fixes plus new audio filters to remedy an old problem.

New Bugs

  • Fixed crash on startup on older Windows 10 computers that do not have Direct3D 11 (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed Timeline scrubbing and skimming accelerate too much (broke in v23.06).
  • Fixed Stabilize analysis jobs not working on a speed-adjusted timeline clip (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed the visibility of the cursor in the Text: Rich filter’s editor (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed the up and down cursor keys not working in some numeric fields (broke in v23.05).
  • Fixed seeking on the new Speed: Forward Only and Speed: Forward & Reverse filters.
  • Fixed the buttons in the Delete Filter Set confirm dialog are hidden if the name is long.
  • Fixed the color level of RGB and RGBA sources (e.g. images) with GPU Effects.
  • Fixed crash adding a GPU filter to Timeline > Output by not showing GPU filters for that selection.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed shift-drag-drop from Windows Explorer to Playlist deletes the files! This is an old bug, and Shotcut is not deleting the files. But it accepts a move drop action for the purpose of reordering playlist items. However, doing so with a list of filenames makes Windows assume the receiving application did something appropriate with thes file and then… delete them on behalf of the app just to be sure?!? Smooth move. (Another Windows file manager Directory Opus does not exhibit this bad behavior.)
  • Fixed another very old bug on Windows where sound does not follow the default output device, for example plugging headphones, until you restart the app. Please note that if you are using Settings > Audio Channels > 6 (5.1) after the default sound output changes, you will likely experience distortion in the audio playback until you restart the app.
  • Added the --SDL_AUDIODRIVER command line option for Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed appending to Playlist from clipboard with nothing yet opened in the Source player.
  • Fixed the Export > Audio > Quality range for the aac codec.
  • Fixed trying to drag a keyframe vertically may snap changing its horizontal position.
  • Fixed clicking OK in a color dialog on Windows without changing anything resets the alpha to 255.
  • Fixed top-field-first interlaced output.


  • Added Track Auto Fade and Track Seam audio filters. These filters address an old problem where clicks and pops may be heard in export when switching between clips due to discontinuities in the audio stream. A recommended technique was to add a 2 frame Fade Audio Out and Fade Audio in filters on clips. Track Auto Fade automates that. Track Seam works on a similar level but rather attempts to do a smoothing between outgoing and incoming samples around edit points. Both of these new filters may ONLY be added to individual tracks—audio or video.
  • Added Transition type > Cut to the Slideshow Generator.
  • Added Ctrl+Wheel (command on macOS) to numeric fields to increment and decrement by a larger amount.
  • Updated Qt libraries to version 6.4.3.
  • Updated libebur128 to version 1.2.6.
  • Updated rubberband library to version 3.2.1.
  • Updated MLT to version 7.18.0.

New Version 23.06

Jun 14, 2023

Version 23.06.14 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This release is mainly a collection of desirable bug fixes.

New Bugs

  • Fixed H.264 output when using Export > Use hardware encoder with NVIDIA (h264_nvenc). (Note: please avoid changing Codec > B frames higher than 0.)
  • Fixed file dialogs in filters crash Shotcut in Linux AppImage or on KDE.
  • Fixed crash in Text: Rich > File > Open when choosing a text file.
  • Fixed crash changing Video Mode with Count generator with GPU Effects on.
  • Fixed crash when trying to Open MLT XML as Clip (nest project) with GPU Effects on.
  • Fixed loading JPEG images over 32 megapixels.
  • Fixed player not working if Settings > Player > External Monitor was used in a previous version.
  • Fixed Timeline > Replace on a clip breaks some of its video filters.
  • Fixed Keyframes > Add Keyframe in the Mask: Simple Shape filter.
  • Fixed changing Keyframe Type or a keyframe’s time position in the Mask: Simple Shape filter.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed custom keyboard shortcuts for actions in the Timeline or Keyframes context (right-click) menu.
  • Fixed Properties > Copy Fill File Path uses incorrect directory separator on Windows.
  • Fixed chroma bleeding on some (e.g. Ut Video) interlaced 4:2:0 files.


  • Improved the smoothness of fast forward (up to 64x) playback.
  • Improved Timeline performance and automatic scrolling.

Release 23.05 Updated to 23.05.14

May 14, 2023

The latest release 23.05 has been updated to a new version 23.05.14 to restore Settings > Theme and fix several major new bugs.


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